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Picking the Right Parents

We are so excited our efforts to match our Rey with Albus was a success and early on July 11, 2021 we welcomed our very first litter of Portidoodles (aka Portipoos). We are so excited for this match! Both mom and dad have their genetic and physical testing done so that we could create the best pups possible. Does genetic and physical testing rule out all genetic or physical ailments? Nope, but it helps us to rule out the more common ailments that can affect your dog. It helps us to choose breeding females and males that are healthy, physically sound and have good genes to pass along to their pups. Some of the ailments that are looked for include hip and elbow dysplasia, PRCD,GM1 Gangliosidosis, CDDY/IVDD, Heart Murmers, Eye diseases and more. Why breed only health tested dogs? It does not remove all chances of diseases in dogs, there are many diseases that cannot be tested for, but by breeding only dogs that have had appropriate testing done we are limiting the chances of problematic diseases in the puppies we produce, that means when you pick a Grote-T Kennels puppy you are getting a quality puppy that has a greater chance of a long, healthy and happy future!

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