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What is a Silver Fox Portuguese Water Dog?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Portuguese Water Dogs can come in a variety of combinations of black, brown and white. Portuguese Water Dogs can also have small spots, either brown or black, in their white coat areas called ticking. Ticking is found in the white areas and are the same color as the base color of the dog. Rey pictured below is a black and white Parti Portuguese Water Dog but has quite a bit of ticking.

Silver Fox is a color coat pattern in a black and white Parti Portuguese Water Dog and happens when the ticking is extensive and dense, it can also be known as double ticking. In brown Portuguese Water Dogs it is called a Brown Fox coat color.

Ticking spots don’t usually show up at birth and are seen over time as the pup grows. Since ticking spots can’t be seen at birth it can be hard to distinguishing a Silver Fox right away. However as the pup grows the ticking becomes more pronounced until as an adult they have a salt and pepper look to them.

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