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What's a Portidoodle?

Portidoodles (aka Portipoos) are a cross between a Portuguese Water Dog and a Poodle. These dog breeds are both very similar in confirmation, hair type and temperaments. They are said to be distant relatives. Our Portidoodles are moyen sized ranging right around 20-25 inches tall and 35-45 pounds. Portidoodles are hypoallergenic in that they have a non-shedding hair coat, they can have either curly or wavy hair. Portidoodles are easy going, active, friendly and intelligent dogs. They love their families and are often considered "velcro" dogs. They make great family dogs, are good with children and have some of the funnest personalities that we've seen! They are loving and loyal family pets that are the perfect size for indoor and outdoor activities. Portidoodles do require a good amount of mental and physical stimulation and can be mischievous if left without their people for long periods of time. They are highly intelligent and love to learn new tricks. They can be used in many different job applications including hunting, retrieving and even service type work.

Why a Portugues Water Dog and Poodle mix instead of a purebred Portuguese Water Dog? Some people prefer the mix as it can "mix" desirable traits from each breed. We have found that our Portidoodles tend to be a little more confident that our purebred Portuguese Water Dogs, they also tend to have a lower energy stimulation requirements. They are still incredibly intelligent dogs, but tend to be more easy going and have a higher desire to please. As with other animals, cross breeding two breeds can also provide some health benefits!

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