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Buying a Gro-T Kennels Puppy



  • Cost for our purebred Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) puppies is currently $3000 USD.

  • Cost for our Portidoodle (Portuguese Water Dog cross Poodle) puppies is currently $2500 USD.

  • Reservation Fees are currently $500, which will be transferred to the total costs above.

What is the Reservation for?

  • The reservation holds your place in the puppy pick line. We allow puppy picks on go home day, at 8 weeks of age, after the puppies are thoroughly checked by our vet and after temperament testing.  We believe that placing puppies by temperament is very important, it really helps to set both our clients and puppies up for success and overcome some of the more common incompatibility issues that can arrive when bringing home a new puppy.

What if I live out of State, how do I get my puppy?

We offer a variety of shipping/traveling options for our puppies from our home in Southeastern Idaho to yours.  One of the simplest and easiest ways to get your puppy is via airplane.  

  • Option 1: We can deliver the puppy to one of our nearest airports (Salt Lake City, UT or Idaho Falls, ID) to meet you at no additional charge.

  • Option 2: We can work with your flight nanny or recommend a flight nanny service that we have worked with in the past.

  • Option 3: We offer to bring your puppy to your nearest airport, we charge a base cost of the price of a round-trip airline ticket from our nearest airport to the airport of your choosing, plus $300 for our time and incidentals.

  • For those that live closer to our location we can meet you in-between our location and your location or deliver to your location for a fee of $0.63/mile.

*Prices are an estimate and subject to change, please consult us for final costs.

Making a Reservation

  • To place a reservation, first fill out the Puppy Purchase Questionnaire form.  We will contact you letting you know we received it and asking to set up a video chat.  We prefer to video chat prior to making a reservation to make sure that our breeding program fits your needs.  After the video chat, we will send out a reservation agreement and accept the reservation fees. If you don't hear from us within 2 business days, please check your junk folder prior to contacting us!

How do puppy picks work?

  • Prior to go home day we will send you temperament testing information and relay any pertinent information from the vet.  On go home day we ask that you have your top three puppies picked and we will introduce you to those puppies.  We still believe a connection is important with your puppy and want you to have a choice when picking which puppy is best for you. At your go home meeting we can discuss pros and cons of puppy temperament and assist you in the puppy picking process. You then can take home the puppy of your choice.

Is my Reservation Fee refundable?

  • Reservation fees are partially refundable.  We work on a sliding scale for Reservation Fee refunds.  If you place a reservation for a litter and no puppies are produced we will refund your Reservation Fee.  If you choose to remove your Reservation, prior to birth, we will refund your Reservation Fee, minus $100.  If you choose to remove your Reservation between birth and 3 weeks old we will refund $250 of your Reservation Fee.  If you choose to remove your Reservation after puppies are 3 weeks old, there will be no Reservation Fee refund.  If for some reason you are unable to receive a puppy and you have placed a reservation, we do allow moving your reservation to the next litter.  We allow 2 reservation postponements, after which the reservation will be removed and no Reservation Fee refunds will be made.

What happens if the puppy I really wanted isn't available?

  • We believe that all of our puppies are great puppies and have a lot to offer a family.  We understand that sometimes there isn't a puppy that is compatible with you or that isn't the gender or color that you desired.  If for whatever reason, you find that we don't have a puppy that fits you, we can move your reservation to the next litter of puppies. 

Let us help you find your new Best Friend!

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