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Past Puppies

We have had successful litters go home of both AKC Portuguese Water Dogs and Portidoodles (Portuguese Water Dog cross Poodles).  Each has had their own personalities and have found amazing homes.  We continue to breed and raise puppies the same way, using our Badass Breeder curriculum, temperament testing and providing lifetime support.

AKC Portuguese Water Dogs

Our Portuguese Water Dogs tend to have more moderate energy levels, however we do produce puppies with higher levels for those wanting to work their dogs.  Our puppies are extremely loyal, friendly and happy.  We raise our puppies around other dogs and most puppies assimilate into homes with other dogs without any problems.  Our puppies have very high touch tolerance and love to be petted, cuddled and shown affection.  Our Portuguese Water Dogs are very human focused and want to be with their humans often.  We work very hard to temper some of the less desirable traits like biting, fear and over excitability through our puppy curriculum and exposures.  We temperament test each puppy to help them have a voice in what type of home will be the best fit for them.  We work hard to put each puppy in a home that will help them become the best dog they can be! 


Our Portidoodle (Portuguese Water Dog cross Poodle) puppies are not only super cute, they have very vivacious personalities.  They tend to be sweet and human focused, they love to play and have fun.  Although they are still very human focused, they are also great at being self-entertaining and are happy to do their own thing.  Our Portidoodle puppies are extremely intelligent and well mannered, they are quick to pick up on training and happy to work with you. They tend to be a little easier going than our AKC Portuguese Water Dogs, but have many of the wonderful characteristics that you love in the Portuguese Water Dog.  

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