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ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation, is a technique that we use to boost a puppy’s immune system, increase their tolerance to stress, improve cardiovascular performance, and improves adrenal gland function. These are all great benefits and can give pups a great start! We perform ENS on days 3 through 16 after birth. ENS is performed by tactical stimulation between the toes, holding puppy with head erect, holding puppy on its back, holding puppy with head pointed down and thermal stimulation with an ice pack.

ESI, Early Scent Introduction, is introducing neutral (not stimulating to the other senses) scents and allowing the puppy to smell them. This increases nose awareness and overall confidence! ESI can be very beneficial for those pups that will do hunting, tracking, scent work or become diabetic alert dogs! It is beneficial for pets too because it will increase their confidence!

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