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What is this Empowered Badass Breeders?

Empowered Badass Breeders (BABs) was started and is managed by Jeanette Forrey of 4E Kennels, in Nevada. BABs was created to help improve the dog breeding world by educating, supporting and mentoring dog breeders around the world. Jeanette created a wonderful curriculum that helps prepare puppies for life ahead of them and gives them a jumpstart on learning, improving temperament and sets them up to be well rounded, healthy, strong, brave, courageous and loving pups. She has made it her mission to show these puppies that "the world is safe, dogs are friendly and people are kind." Jeanette has raised hundreds of successful service and therapy dogs and has created a program to help other breeders to do the same. We use Jeanette's BAB program from the very beginning of choosing good breeding stock, to raising our puppies on her advanced curriculum which creates dogs of therapy and service dog caliber, to testing the temperament of each pup to help us place them in the best home for them and their future families. We are approved BAB puppy evaluators, meaning that we have the skills to evaluate the temperament of each pup we raise to help find them the best match in their new homes. This helps us raise not only healthy pups, but pups that are ready to start their new adventures in life with a leg up in confidence, courage and empowerment. Basically we are Badass Breeders raising some puppies that are Badass!

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